The scents are amazing and not too strong. Its a perfect happy medium. Give Sunnyhill Candles a try and let the scent take you over. It will calm you with the aroma....I love it!!

Dee Clinton MA

Love how clean Sunnyhill Candles burn. I get local candles delivered fast.

Diane Lunenburg Ma

The Lilac candle is my favorite. The aroma fills the room and makes for a beautiful clean environment. I won't use any other candle other than Sunnyhill Candle. No candle has given me that pure scent that lasts.

Stephanie Lowell Ma

OMG, They smell wonderful.

Michelle Willsboro NY

I love Sunnyhill Candles. They always have a nice clean smell, not overpowering. I love that there is variety of strengths and smells.

Michelle Leominster MA

Over 80 hours of burn time!!!!!

Sunnyhill Candle Lunenburg Ma

Why try Sunnyhill Candle?

Using only the best ethically sourced wax and cleanest fragrance oil, we have created the perfect blend. Our candles smell amazing and burn clean.

Here at Sunnyhill Candle we take pride in everything we do.

We hand deliver right to your door and when shipping your candles, they are packaged with care.

Our candles are made in house and in small batches to ensure the utmost quality.

Come join Sunnyhill Candle Co.

We know you will love them just as much as we love making them.

Always trim your wicks!

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Candle Care

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